Surface treatment

Oiled/varnished – the floor is oiled with two layers of natural, environment friendly Saicos or Osmo oils. You can choose between transparent or tinted oils. The final touch is usually given with strong and wearproof oil wax (Saicos HardWax Oil).

From varnishes we use water based and environment friendly Barpimo varnish (Spain).

Smoked -This method of darkening wood is environmentally friendly as there are no chemicals used during this process. Fumed – Fuming is a traditional process for darkening and enriching the colour of oak by oxidation of naturally occurring tannins in the timber. The physical change in appearance is subject to the tannin and other natural content held within the structure of the timber and its interaction with the treatment. Brushed – The brushed finish is achieved by ‘brushing’ the top of the planks during manufacture to remove the slightly softer fibres of the oak, which after oiling, enhances the beautiful grain features of natural oak and provides a slightly textured surface. Not only does this mean that scratches and marks don’t show up as much as on a smooth finish, but because the waxoil colour is natural, if you ever want to darken the colour you can apply another coat of waxoil in whatever colour you choose to achieve the exact finish that you want. It’s like a prefinished ‘blank canvass’ ready for you to create your masterpiece! Aged/Distressed - It is a range for a truly authentic look. You can feel the flavor of the ages.