Terrassilaudat / Terrace boards

Siperian lehtikuusista terrassilaudoilla on pitkä käyttöikä.
Lehtikuusi on luonnollisesti kestävä, ei vaadi kemiallista käsittelyä.
Luokaat yleensä AB ja ABC.

Thanks to their great resign content larch terrace boards are extremely durable and thus suitable for building terraces, playgrounds, jetties, nature trails, balconies and outdoor stages. Resin is distributed evenly in the wood and it acts as an antiseptic by protecting the material from moisture and pests. The density and durability of larch only increases with time!
Above all, larch wood is used in places, where the use of impregnated wood is inadvisable due to environmental and health care requirements, but where the used material must tolerate moisture and water. Larch wood is substantially more dense and with higher wearproof qualities than pine or spruce.

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