Sauvaparketti / Strip parquet

Parketti joka koostuu 16mm paksuudeista umpipuupaloista (tammi, saarni).
Suuri leveys- ja pituusvalikoima, joka antaa asiakkaalle mahdollisuuden valita juuri hänelle sopiva. Massiivisauvoilla voidaan rakentaa monenlaisia kuvioita (ruutukuvio, kalanruoto, laivankansi,..).
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Aesthetic and unique appearance and especially good wearing qualities make oak the most popular floor and furniture material in Europe and America. In favourable conditions, oak items can preserve for hundreds of years! The tone of oak can vary from light brown to dark brown, turning into amber coloured yellowish brown with time.
Oak strip parquet is very easy to process with oil or varnish and it can be combined with underfloor heating. Left and right hand material are packed in separate packs.
There are tens of ways to install wood strip parquet. Our installation specialists are always willing to help you.
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