Jalkalistat / Skirting boards

Erilaisia jalkalistoja kauniilla pintakäsittelyllä ja värityksellä. Jalkalistat valmistetaan korkeatasoisista raaka-aineista (tammi).
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We strongly believe that good taste and interesting design are reflected in details. In different rooms we recommend using wooden skirting boards in combination with wooden floors and doors. Our colour range is wide enough for you to find the most suitable tone. We recommend ordering oak doors, solid oak parquet, lining and skirting boards with a common tone and way of processing (brushed or smooth).
We manufacture both simpler skirting boards with smooth profile as well as boards with a more complex profile. We offer solid wood and veneered skirting boards. We offer skirting boards both with and without finishing. If you wish to stain the skirting boards yourself, we recommend doing it before installing the boards. Especially in case the skirting boards are of different tone than the wall.

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